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Over the years, I've appeared in, made, or have been part of the making of a lot of videos. While working in Public Relations, I honed those skills and took some college-level courses after graduation.

Back in 1994, Mike Stranieri and I created ComixVision, which aired for four and a half years on WCL-TV in North Jersey. It also appeared on stations in New York, Central Jersey, and South Jersey, due to the initiative of our cast and crew. During that time, we filmed many short segments, comedy sketches, and offbeat video projects. We also made an X-Files parody "The B-Files." Nobody demanded it, but we made a sequel anyway with "B2: Laundry Day." Neither of these films were terribly good, but we had a lot of fun making them. I'll try to get those posted here eventually too.

I'll be digitizing some of these videos and posting them here. Thanks to YouTube, I'll be uploading them to their servers for hosting. Let me know whatcha think.

Run Raymond Run
This was just a quick attempt to film something so that I could try out my new non-linear editing system. It features my cousins Raymond and Christopher in a short parody of Run Lola Run. I even make a cameo. As a non-scripted quick attempt at video, it's not bad. The best part is definitely the music.

Favorite X-Man
This is a segment we shot called Who Is Your Favorite X-Men character? It features me interviewing people about their favorite superheroes with Mike Stranieri directing. This was shot in around 1996 for our show ComixVision, which was long before the X-Men movies, so people have no idea what I'm talking about. Stranieri is sitting over my shoulder here in this video, which is kinda funny, since he was usually behind the camera.

Wizard World Chicago 1999
This is a corporate video that I helped produce for Wizard Entertainment. I'm proud of this because I think we did a good job of capturing the fun and excitement of the convention.


Comic Artist's Photo Reference Contest
This is a video of the contest that we had to promote my second book. I put the photos on all kinds of social networking sites specifically to see how it would spread virally. This was posted to YouTube to see if there was any uptake from that network.




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