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Photography Bio

When he was a small child, Buddy Scalera's father placed a camera in his hand and told him to start shooting, and he hasn't stopped since.

Scalera's photography has appeared in books, magazines, marketing literature, and websites. He is best known for his three-book series titled Comic Artist's Photo Reference, published by F+W's North Light Fine Art imprint IMPACT Books.

Many artists are also familiar with Scalera's photos in Visual Reference for Comic Artists, a three-volume CD-ROM series published by After Hours Press.

Other Photography by Buddy Scalera


  • MedPage Today
  • WizardSchool.com
  • WizardWorld.com
  • AHPComics.com



  • 4 for Dinner (DVD cover)
  • Scarlet Street Magazine - Staff photographer
  • Video Game reference for painter Dave DeVries
  • Political candidate photography
  • The B-Files - Set photographer
  • ComixVision - Set photographer
  • Town News - Staff photographer
  • Ridgewood News - Stringer photographer
  • Bergen Monitor - Staff photographer
  • New Voice Magazine - Staff photographer
  • Satellite - Staff photographer


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