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Nokia's WOMWorld loaned me a Nokia N8 and then added my photos to their website

Buddy appears on Where Monsters Dwell to talk about Creating Comics from Start to Finish

Comic Book School is launched to support Buddy Scalera's books, CD-ROMs, and other comic book activity

Creating Comics from Start to Finish is now available in stores and online

Creating Comics from Start to Finish educational book announced

Comic Artist's Photo Reference books earn three stars in CBG review

Comic Artist's Photo Reference: Men & Boys Available Halloween

Buddy interview available as eBook for the Amazon Kindle

Comic Artist's Photo Reference: Women & Girls to Debut at Wizard World Philly Con

Check out my new blog - Words, Pictures, Web

People & Poses now in Amazon, Barnes & Nobles, & Bud Plant

Visual Reference for Comic Artists in Amazon - Vol. 1, Vol. 2, Vol. 3

Buddy & PencilJack team for a photo reference/art contest

An audio interview with The Writing Show about writing comics

A long strange Jazma Online Interview

Comics Crititique Interview with Buddy

Ain't It Cool News calls 7 Days #3 "strong storytelling...highly recommended"

Tony's Tips give 7 Days #3 Five Fully Tonys

7 Days to Fame #3 to End with a Bang

Fanboy Planet says 7 Days #3 "kicks the ethical debate up a notch"

Aint it Cool News says 7 Days #2 "isn’t afraid to tackle topics mainstream books are afraid to touch"

PopMatters calls 7 Days #2 "compelling"

Comic World News calls 7 Days #2 "Honestly… this is a good, good comic."

Pulse Previews 7 Days #2

Comics Review Interviews Buddy, Previews Issue #2

Ain't It Cool News calls 7 Days "surprisingly thought-provoking"

7 Days gets 4 of 5 stars on ComicCritique

7 Days gets an "A" on Newsarama

7 Days gets strong review on Snap Judgements

7 Days Article on Reality TV Magazine Ignites Discussion

7 Days Previewed on Real Television

Fourth Rail Reviews 7 Days

Buddy interviewed on Newsarama

Comiculture gets high marks

Clarissa story by Buddy & Alan Evans in Comiculture Vol. 2 #1

VR1 & VR2: Named 2003 Bestsellers

VR3: Reviewed at Comic Book Resources (Pipeline)

7 Days to Fame - Comic Book Announced

Buddy photographs DVD cover to "4 for Dinner"

Buddy mentioned in (201) magazine

Visual Reference Vol 1 & Vol 2: Top sellers for 2003 at Bud Plant Comic Art

Visual Reference Gets "A-" from CBG

Buddy Scalera Takes Photos of Crime Scene for True Crime Novel “Body Dump”

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