4 for Dinner DVD Cover

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Buddy Scalera Photographs DVD Cover to "4 for Dinner"

4 for Dinner CoverNEW JERSEY – December 30, 2004 - The recently released retail DVD for "4 for Dinner" features a photograph shot by Buddy Scalera. The horror/comedy film by Scott Klein of Lights Out Productions received an enthusiastic response at the 2004 NY Independent Film & Video Festival.

The photo is a studio shot that represents the primary characters in the film, in which Scalera makes a brief cameo.

Scalera is a longtime friend of Klein and co-producer Arlene So. In fact, the duo of Klein and So appear as models in Scalera's "Visual Reference for Comic Artists: Vol. 1" CD-ROM.

"I am really proud to contribute to Scott and Arlene's project, even if it's just shooting the box," said Scalera. "These two make a great team because they both have an amazing sense of visual storytelling. I'm looking forward to their next project."

The New York based production company also produced "The Risen" which won a local film award. The trailer to "The Risen" appears on "Visual Reference for Comic Artists: Vol. 2." The trailer to "4 for Dinner" appears on "Visual Reference for Comic Artists: Vol. 3"



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